our gluten free story

Bread is life, people say. It fuels and energizes our bodies. It’s delicious, in the simplest way. The joy of sharing it around a communal table has bonded people together since prehistory. So do those of us who can’t eat gluten just have to suck it up and never enjoy one of life’s true pleasures? The Modern Loaf says no, we do not.

The Modern Loaf rises to Nature’s unfair challenge, and bakes crisp, crusty, flavorful artisan breads that have satisfyingly irregular holes in their chewy, slightly tangy insides, toast up perfectly, and leave a beautiful crumb. With no gluten. No dairy. No peanuts, soy or animal byproducts. It’s loaded with nutrients and whole grains, though. More than most breads have to offer.

We may be sensitive people, baking for other sensitive people. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be revolutionaries.