Gluten Free Breads

All the crust, texture, crumb perfection and flavor other gluten-free breads don’t have, and none of the dairy, nuts, soy, commercial yeast or animal byproducts they often do have. Consider the GF bar officially raised.


Plain Sourdough

It’s got that classic crust outside and a beautifully airy texture inside. It’s  such a supremely satisfying gluten-free sourdough loaf, having the word “plain” in the name doesn’t do it justice, when you really think about it.


Seeded Sourdough

You know those gorgeous round breads that we gluten sensitives pine for in our secret dreams? Well, wake up and taste our gluten-free version, jazzed up with sunflower, poppy, and flax seeds.


Caraway Sourdough

We remembered it from our childhoods. We needed it back in our lives. So we kneaded that real deli rye-ness into our gluten-free sourdough.  For your reubens. Your pastramis. Your egg salads. You’re welcome.


Olive Rosemary Sourdough

Fragrant rosemary and the occasional salty bite of olive give this crusty ball of gluten-free goodness its Mediterranean flavor. If you don’t love it, we’re going to have to check your pulse.


Plain Bagel

This gluten-free ring of comfort-food yumminess is dense and chewy inside, with a deli-perfect golden exterior. Top it with whatever you like. As our grandmothers used to say, just enjoy it in good health.


Almost Everything Bagel

You can take the baker out of New York, but you can’t take the Everything Bagel out of her repertoire. Our GF version is loaded with poppy seeds, onions, garlic, and salt. No sesame seeds though, because Rachel’s sister is allergic. Schmear it and you’ll never miss them.